Requirements and procedure for accepting documents


Related to the execution of foreign documents, statements, special features of the receiving country. 

Documents issued by competent authority of the foreign states, with the exception of documents certified the identity, are accepted only with the legislation or apostille, unless otherwise noted by the legislation on administrative procedures and international treaties of the Republic of Belarus.

Documents prepared in the foreign language should contain notarized translation on Belarusian or Russian languages.

Procedure for accepting documents related to the treatment for consular issues.

Under the administrative procedures:

Citizens should provide additionally copies of documents.

Documents provided for stamp apostille on the territory of the Republic of Belarus should be crisp written. In official documents are not allowed any erasures, additions, crossed — out words, or any other improperly executed corrections or any peculiarities. Signing of the officials and official seal impression should be readable. 

Personals applying for notary actions provide documents certified their identity, corporate capacity, full power on proceeding of notarization in the name and of the interests of other individuals. 

Notarization is only by appearance in person, and by providing information or documents necessary to perform such an notary action, including proof of Consular fee payment.

Documents that not satisfied the legal requirements of the Republic of Belarus, with erasures, additions, crossed — out words, or any other improperly executed corrections or any peculiarities, prepared with the infraction of clerical correspondence rules, contained remarks discredited honor, dignity, business and individual reputation, are not accepted.

For preliminary approvals of the notarized document highly recommend  to consult with the Consular Official by the phone : +37052139898.

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